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Juliet Price, consultant executive director of HBAA, a white woman with blonde wavy hair and brown eyes

Everyone in this industry should ask ‘Am I OK?’

Juliet Price, consultant executive director of HBAA, on why mental health matters.

Overwhelmed, fearful, uncertain and anxious are just some of the words to describe how many of us are feeling following six months of lockdown and restricted living. Concerns over job security and the viability of businesses, financial worries and the overarching welfare of family and loved ones have all had a significant detrimental impact on the mental health of thousands of people in our industry. 

We must ensure that our individual mental health and wellbeing is not ignored and recognise when we need to seek support.

This Saturday, 10 October, World Mental Health Day, everyone in the industry should take five minutes to reflect on how they feel and ask themselves ‘Am I OK?, remembering at the same time ‘It’s OK Not to be OK.

Many people in this industry were already suffering from mental health issues due to the pressure of work and lifestyle before Covid-19 arrived to cast a black cloud on our lives. It is an issue that HBAA is committed to addressing and part of that has been through pioneering Mental Health First Aider training sessions, and most members of our executive committee and board have become certificated Mental Health First Aiders.

In addition to working with EventWell and Balancing Edges, HBAA recently became the first association partner of HUGS UK which provides services to those who need support, particularly with their working lives. These organisations provide vital help to those who admit to themselves that they are not OK.

It’s time for action and the first step is for everyone to take time on Saturday and ask themselves – Am I OK?

The next HBAA MHFA half day training sessions are on 20 October and 3 November. To register for a session, click here.

Hugs UK can be contacted via emailEventwell can be contacted here.