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Culture club

Jennifer Davidson, founder & MD of Sleek Events, sings the praises of working on your team culture, not just giving it lip service

No, I’m not going to launch into a verse of Karma Chameleon for my first column! People bandy the word ‘team’ around
so much these days but how many employees would say
they truly feel part of a team if asked? I’d hazard a guess that it’s not as many as we’d like to think.

I’ve worked in companies where they’ve marketed themselves as a team, but we were disengaged because we didn’t feel particularly valued. So, when I started Sleek Events, I decided to build a team that felt so engaged with our culture, it would bring benefits for everyone. 

When you start to recruit for a young business, you realise the major costs involved – your time, energy and precious budget. Then, once you’ve trained a new recruit, they’ve learned a lot of your intellectual property which you really don’t want to lose if they decide to move on after 12 months. Your clients, especially those valuable repeat clients, build relationships with your staff and could feel nervous if they leave. It doesn’t matter if you’re running an events agency like mine or managing a venue, these same challenges arise.

Have you formulated what your team culture is about? Is it written down and have you shared it with everyone in your organisation? Do you use culture statements as part of your recruitment process? What do you do each day, week, month to embed team culture? 

Creating a strong team culture helps to keep your churn of staff down to a minimum and, another good karma result, you has a much more enjoyable work environment. Until your team has experienced being part of a culture club, you’re likely to lose talented people.

Happy New Year!