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The spa conference that puts delegate wellbeing at its heart

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Work-life balance is a phrase we hear often. Juggling the needs of business with the needs of individuals can be challenging, especially when businesses have large workforces in high intensity working environments.

Carden Park, Cheshire’s Country Estate is working to deliver this balance by launching a new spa conference experience that is a world away from every other conference offer across the country, putting employee wellbeing at its heart.

Already highly acclaimed as Business Event Venue of the Year in Cheshire, the Carden Park team wishes to offer the ultimate wellness experience by opening up its new £10m spa as a super venue for conferences and events.

The Spa at Carden is nestled within the tranquillity of the 1000-acre estate, just a 30-minute drive from Chester and 60-minute drive from the cities of Liverpool and Manchester. Within the spa and its extensive garden, distractions are minimal which creates a perfect opportunity for up to 80 delegates to focus and engage.




The spa is one of the largest in the country and offers a versatile space with its own breath-taking garden connecting the impressive structure to the acres of surrounding countryside. Delegates can make use of an extensive event space with numerous indoor and outdoor breakout areas ideal for group work, from heated garden pods to terraces with stunning views of the Welsh hills.

Carden Park have proposed the ‘Five Elements Conference Experience’ as a package that will capture the spirit of the spa. Based around the traditional Chinese five element theory that focuses on balance and harmony, this package is aimed at companies looking to create a memorable meeting experience that will positively impact employee mental and physical wellness.




The new Five Elements Conference will run as follows:

Earth: The day will flow through the five elements with the morning starting in the natural surroundings of the spa garden allowing delegates to ease into the day stress free.

Water: Flowing into a mid-morning breakout, allowing for some creative networking and treatment samples amongst the various thermal water features.

Fire: Followed by feeding the mind with lunch at the spa’s restaurant to reenergise the group ready for the rest of the day.

Wood: The afternoon will begin with a wellbeing exercise to ground the group after a nutritious lunch.

Metal: As a mid-afternoon break, delegates will be encouraged to take a walk within nature for a boost of energy and to clarify the mind ready for the second half of the afternoon, followed by some final treatment and product samples.




This conference experience aims to create a balanced and harmonised experience, by utilising each element of the spa and weaving it throughout the company’s conference agenda.

Nutrition goes hand in hand with wellbeing and the menus offer locally sourced seasonal produce with added ‘brain food’ ingredients connected with the five elements theme.

As The Spa at Carden has been designed to be a destination for wellness and self-care, this new conference experience is ideal for companies that want to treat employees to an experience like no other, allowing time to reflect and absorb information, while also giving employees the chance to indulge and relax.

Steve Ewing, spa director, Carden Park, said: “For demanding working environments, like call centres, retail, manufacturing, health care and many more, responsible companies place employee wellness at the top of the agenda. Our spa conference package offers something completely unique that will both stimulate learning and promote a healthy mind, body and soul.”




For a more conventional conference experience, Carden offer two suites with a capacity of up to 400 delegates. The Shooting Suite has undergone a recent refurbishment and offers a private breakout area for refreshments alongside a private bar and terrace area. For bigger events, the Carden Suite has an inbuilt stage and projections, mood lighting and nine 60-inch plasma TV’s.

An on-site AV team and dedicated event coordinator will be available to offer expert advice and meticulous attention to detail to ensure the conference is a great occasion to mingle, relax, work and play. Event organisers have the opportunity to include a boost of adrenaline and a kick start to the day. The onsite event station offers a range of adrenaline boosting activities to groups including; ropes course, quad biking and other activities.

A previous event organiser explained, “The fact that it is secluded prevents my delegates from getting distracted by being in a city or in a large, impersonal hotel. Its personality speaks volumes and that’s why people love it.”

For more information please contact or call 01829 731 555. You can also visit our website at