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Putting people first

Putting people first

Faye Dyer, managing director of The ACC Liverpool Group, tells Louisa Daley how the venue’s Social Value Impact Plan strives to support the wellbeing of its people.


Our mission is to be a company that strives to do the right thing and contributes to society,

creating a positive social, economic and environmental impact in everything we do,” reveals Faye Dyer, managing director of The ACC Liverpool Group.

This mission, Dyer tells me, has prompted the launch of its Social Value Impact Plan, which outlines its commitments to community; environment; sustainability and climate action; procurement with purpose; event industry impact and people.

Focusing on ‘people’, Dyer states that the Group is passionate about providing equal opportunities for all and creating an inclusive environment, both of which are key to workplace wellbeing.

“We want everyone to bring their whole selves to work and feel valued, respected and accepted. Therefore, who we employ and how we look after them is an integral part of our Social Value Impact Plan,” she adds.

Wellbeing strategies and policies

So, what measures do ACC Liverpool have in place to look after its staff’s wellbeing?

Dyer reveals that the venue offers its staff monthly health and wellbeing updates and initiatives, opportunities to learn via development programmes, Living Wage Employer, and no zero hours contracts. “We recognise how prioritising staff wellbeing can positively impact a person’s life,” she says.

In addition to these current measures, ACC Liverpool plans to develop its Wellbeing Strategy. “Our Wellbeing Strategy aims to manage the provision of a safe and healthy workplace; improve levels of engagement, workforce satisfaction, morale and resilience; as well as promote the importance of mental health,” Dyer explains.

By breaking down this strategy into four areas of wellbeing – physical, psychological, social, and financial – the Group hopes to provide maximum wellbeing support, from annual health checks and counselling sessions, to employee recognition and fair rates of pay.

But that’s not all, as we adapt to working in a pandemic, ACC Liverpool is looking to improve its flexible working options by launching an Agile Working Policy. This policy not only gives some of its staff the opportunity to work from home, it also allows them to alter their working hours to best suit their lifestyles and personal preferences
– providing a healthy work-life balance, and ultimately supporting their general wellbeing.

“Our Agile Working Policy also helps us attract and retain a talented and diverse workforce, and improve job satisfaction alongside staff engagement,” adds Dyer.

“This introduction has also enabled us to repurpose office space to provide enhanced facilities for
our venue-based team members,” she says.

As we take on a new year, maybe it’s time to implement a wellbeing strategy of your own, or even build upon your existing one. After all, it’s everything we do, so let’s put them first.