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Online sessions and meetings: ExpoPlatform launch a new tool to help events stay open for business

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ExpoPlatform have augmented a new online session and meeting system in its platform, responding to the situation that's been unfolding in the event industry.

The networking and matchmaking platform supports organisers who want to explore hybrid conferences as well as purely virtual ones. With live streaming, online conferencing, and virtual meetings, these organisers can provide as much value as possible for their attendees and speakers.

The first virtual event to use ExpoPlatform's suite of online tools went live on the 25 March and it ran live for two months, allowing people to connect and interact via online meetings. This online meeting system was integrated into the networking platform itself to provide a hassle-free and no-installs experience.

Apart from basic functionalities like live video, screen sharing, document sharing, chat, pop-up messages, and hand-raising, the system also offers various tools to moderators for engaging their audience in online sessions. These include room view settings, live polls, Q&A, and the ability to mute or unmute meeting participants' audio. Also, organisers can monetise their conferences by offering sponsors multiple ways to increase their visibility and lead generation.

The conference website becomes a real collaborative space powered with AI-matchmaking, where speakers can also use their profiles to engage with their audience, even before the session begins.

Tanya Pinchuk, CEO, ExpoPlatform, said: “The recent uncertainty in our industry is challenging the events community to come up with alternate yet effective means of engagement for our attendees, to overcome disruption, and empower the speakers and organisers with digital means of collaboration."

To learn more about the online sessions and meetings system, click here.