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Helping corporates storm the castle

Museums and galleries have long been building on their visitor data to crossover into the events market, but some of our traditional national ‘big hitters’ for tourists have not always been able to fully embrace the corporate market.

Warwick Castle is one of the top 10 visited attractions in the country and has been developing offers for the corporate market to leverage its font of history and heritage, either as a backdrop to a meeting on site or as a medieval playground for teambuilding or evening receptions and entertainment post-conference.

One example was this summer’s Dragon Slayer package, which resurrected the tale of the 10th century warrior Guy of Warwick. Guests were taken on an after-dark journey through the castle grounds to witness Guy battle the dark forces of dragons and fearful foes, to win the heart of Princess Felice, the Earl of Warwick’s daughter.

The evening extravaganza combined fire-jousting, pyrotechnics, live-action stunts and a projection light show to tell the tale of this star-crossed love story.

Packages were designed to appeal to different price levels (from £25 to £95), with the Gold level including a three-course Royal Banquet in the Great Hall.

Delegates can even stay on site overnight, and if they are glamping minded, then the Knight’s Village is an option. There are also Woodland Lodges by the River Avon, with prices starting at £352, based on four sharing.

The old castles of the UK are also embracing the latest technology to make your events fly. Digital installation experts, Projection Artworks, worked with the team at Warwick Castle to bring the history to life.

Head of history at Warwick Castle, Melissa Paniccia helped research and develop Dragon Slayer. She said: “The horseback fire jousting and torch-lit procession to the Central Courtyard anticipate Guy of Warwick’s final encounter with his nemesis, the dragon. Brought vividly to life with a projection across four of our buildings, the dragon comes to life on a canvas measuring 31m by 80m and lit with 150,000 lumens of light, equivalent to more than 500 house lightbulbs.” 

As summer moves to autumn, planners may wish to check out the Halloween options coming from Warwick Castle that could prove interestingly scary add-ons to a day meeting.