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Having an inkling: what your meeting notes reveal

Park Plaza London Riverbank invited Martin Fullard to have his meeting notes analysed by a professional graphologist

What does your handwriting say about you? As you sit there in a meeting frantically scribbling away, you may think it reveals next to nothing but, after an intriguing invitation by the Park Plaza London Riverbank, I can say with some confidence that, actually, there is indeed something going on here.

The Vauxhall-situated Park Plaza, with views directly out over the Palace of Westminster, has been completely remodelled and even had six floors added. The mainstay of the redevelopment was, as you would expect, its impressive events space. See their website opposite for an overview, but it’s not just about capacity. One concept they have brought to the table is ‘intelligent meetings’, something that adds a little intrigue to your event. This is where we get our notebooks out.

Tracey Trussell is a qualified graphologist and was invited by Park Plaza to tell me all about myself. Ahead of meeting Tracey I posted her a random page hastily torn asunder from one of the many notebooks that so litters my desk.

It would be, I thought, a vague appraisal of my psyche akin to a horoscope reading, but it soon became clear that there was more to it.

My signature is, apparently, my public image that ‘screams wild ambition.’ Not too unusual for a journalist. I am also quite individual. Another plus.

However, there is evidence that I feel restricted and for reasons my boss will soon find out, I am restless and frustrated that I can’t execute my crazy hare-brained schemes.

Interestingly, I try to appear tough in the workplace but it is nothing but a veneer: I am far more straightforward, unassuming, and personable than I let on.

We then turned our attention to the doodle I had erstwhile supplied. It depicted a series of stacked 3D boxes with a diagonal line through each, one half shaded, one half not. I remember scribbling it in a rather dull meeting some weeks before.

The geometric shapes and straight lines suggest I’m good at integrating clear, clever thinking, and that boxes evidence a down to earth attitude. I am also, strangely, able to solve complex problems. Indeed, I just changed my phone and my iCloud hadn’t backed up for two years.

However, the mixed use of shading suggests I am certain and determined one minute, and hesitant the next.

Lastly, the fact that I had retraced over my stacked boxes several times suggests that I am ‘currently worried and under stress.’ No kidding. At the time of writing, I’ve just moved house, Christmas is but days away and the necklace I promised my wife is no longer available and my daughter is expecting a racing car… On that note, Happy New Year.

Venue details: Park Plaza London Riverbank

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