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Ensuring smooth events

Jan Puype, event manager at AXA Insurance, Belgium, talks to CN about their technology solution

Can you give us an overview of the type of events you run?

I work in the marketing and training logistics department at AXA Insurance in Belgium, and we organise meetings and travel for our brokers. We work with independent brokers, and we have to give them the best possible service to convince them to work with us. We also organise internal meetings and the registration for training for our brokers. 

What challenges do you face in day-to-day management of events?

The most difficult part for our events is getting people to register, communicating with them in a consistent way, especially in a closed environment like insurance because everybody has their own system, therefore it’s very fragmented. 

The second challenge is keeping track of who has participated in what, because we organise 50 events a year. So, it is not always easy to remember who has attended what before. We use EventsAIR, and it allows us to track this far easier. The time it takes to do this manually is very consuming. We needed to manage it in a digital way. 

How is EventsAIR used in your events?

We run our events with fewer event managers than we did three years ago, so that’s a big saving. And we can copy a lot more than we used to do, and use a consistent style of email messages, which allows us to reuse things from our previous events. The registration on site is more efficient and in line with what is expected of a modern organisation by using the app. We have up-to-date lists of who has participated in what at all times. 

Has using a system like EventsAIR improved the way you work?

We do use the mobile app as an information source for incentive meetings and multiple day training, so that everybody has the correct information at all times. For all the events we use the online registration and mobile check-in, so we know exactly who is present and who is not which allows us to follow up.

We developed a custom portal, which is something we couldn’t have added manually. Working with brokers, we have to contact the person in charge of the broker agency and this person has to forward the invitation around the office. 

We have a custom portal which makes it possible to send out invites to our agency, the person in charge goes into the portal and forwards the invite automatically to the people in their office. They can then send the invite for the event which allows the people to register automatically.