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Earth Day: how are we tackling sustainability?

Earth Day: how are we tackling sustainability?

At Conference News, we recognise that sustainability is one of the industry’s biggest passions, and challenges. With today (22 April) being Earth Day, what better time is there to recognise some of our breakthroughs?

State of play

HeadBox’s 2022 Events Trends report has revealed almost one in five (18%) companies ignore sustainability, according to their employees.

Despite some companies striving to be more sustainable, (more on that later), HeadBox’s survey shows there is still room for improvement. Approximately 17% of respondents said that whilst sustainability is important to their business, it is not reflected in their events.

Sustainability in practice

HeadBox’s survey also showed that a quarter of employees (24%) are now demanding more environmentally friendly events from their employer.

Many companies and agencies are working towards this goal, or are currently executing sustainable initiatives.

For example, 116 Pall Mall have launched its Beehive Project. The Institute of Directors have set up its own beehives with BEE1 in its gardens, with the aim of boosting the natural ecosystem and population of bees in London. Not only does this benefit the environment, but it also gives delegates attending the venue an opportunity to taste the honey in its menus.

The HeadBox survey also showed that one in three employees (32%) said they like how virtual meetings help reduce emissions as they don’t have to travel.

This is something technology platform Hopin acknowledges and can assist event organisers with. According to a recent study by Nature Communications, hybrid events can curb carbon footprint by 66%, and up to 94% with virtual – offering event organisers an easy way to be more sustainable.

Or, if your event attendees are craving face to face events – why not consider measuring your emission and waste data? For example, sustainable body isla recently launched TRACE, its carbon measurement platform to help the events industry transition to Net Zero.

These are just some of the ways venues, platforms and membership organisations are tackling sustainability. If we all do our part, we can make a big difference.