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EventsAIR: taking the industry temperature

Martin Fullard chats to Trevor Gardiner, CEO at EventsAir, about new technologies and standing out from the crowd

Can you give a brief overview of the services EventsAIR offers?

EventsAIR is the fifth-generation event management system I have designed since 1989. The system solves key issues faced by event organisers, including increased productivity, managing privacy and GDPR, scalability to maintain high performance regardless of the size of event, and cyber security.

In terms of features, our philosophy is to give our clients an end-to-end system with very little need for external tools. 

A lot of event organisers can’t tell one event tech supplier from another; what do you do differently?

Firstly, the depth of the feature set reflects our long history and the time we have put in to evolve features that work. For example, there are features in the accommodation management programme that can be traced back to enhancements made to manage the complex accommodation requirements of the London 2012 Olympic Games. 

Another key difference is data security. EventsAIR was released in 2014 and was built from the ground up to make the entire system PCI DSS Level 1 compliant – this is the highest banking security standard and all personal data is protected to this level.  

The business events industry is always evolving, how do you keep a tab on trends and stay as futureproof as possible?

Our clients include the who’s who of the global meetings industry, and who are pushing the boundaries of technology at meetings every day. We regularly interact with our clients, including at our three global user conferences, to get direction for our product roadmap. We are looking to continually innovate new and smart solutions to help meeting planners do their job better. A great example of this is our recently released dietary requirements feature, which enables venues and caterers to access a real-time, secure portal to view attendee dietary requirements in a structured format. 

From the research you’ve undertaken, what do delegates want from their event technology, and what do they not want?

Delegates want the technology to work. There are many horror stories of attendee apps not working at event time. They want a smooth check-in, and to be able to engage with the event and network easily.

Delegates do not want to re-enter information in multiple systems. Some event organisers use a provider for registration, another for the app, another for lead retrieval and another for onsite check-in. Any last-minute registrations or changes need to be made in all systems and often results in data discrepancies.

We’ve seen the EventsAir name start to creep more and more into the marketplace lately, can you share your plans for the next year?

Our focus is to continue to innovate and invent new processes that help make our clients more successful. We have a passion for productivity and continue to refine processes which can save our clients precious time and labour. 

We recently released the most comprehensive learning management system ever seen for meeting planners. This covers sophisticated topics such as abstract management, gamification, exhibition management, data protection and privacy, onsite management and much more. Over the next year, we will continue to add additional educational resources.