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Wyboston Lakes Resort releases plan to re-open venue

Wyboston Lakes Resort has launched a new plan called Safe Events, outlining how it will safely allow conferences to restart.

The venue, situated in Bedfordshire, is looking to reassure customers and clients to ensure the conference and training complex is ready for commercial reopening. Wyboston Lakes has been in use by the NHS during lockdown, as a pandemic training facility for staff.

Steve Jones, Managing Director of Wyboston Lakes Resort, said: “We have approached this situation with extreme caution and have been working tirelessly on preparing our venues to be ready to re-open in the safest way possible. Our new policy includes an extensive range of measures, including physical barriers, signage, training and technology, such as self-check in terminals and cashless payments only and heightened and intensive hygiene.

“In the weeks prior to lockdown, and during our closure, we introduced strict additional cleaning regimes to do all that we could to help stop transmission of this virus. Given the ever-changing nature of this situation our policy will also keep evolving to ensure it remains up to date, relevant and effective.”

Louisa Watson, Director of Marketing at Wyboston Lakes, added: “We’ve put these safety guidelines in from day one, with the NHS staff training here.

“We set every single room up with social distancing measures in place. We have various different setups, we’ve photographed everything. We’ve based it on two metre distancing because that’s where we’re at now, but if that comes down we may be able to increase capacity.

“We’ve looked at every touchpoint for the customer. We have self check in for all customers now – you can do it before you arrive or safely when you get to the venue. We’ve looked at cleanliness for staff, how we interact with guests, queueing in every area. We went into it with a microscope.”


Pictured: The Woodlands Event Centre at Wyboston Lakes Resort