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New July date chosen for the CN Agency Awards 2021

Following the recent changes in restrictions laid out by the government, Conference News have decided to postpone the CN Agency Awards until 22 July at Tobacco Dock.

The decision came after much deliberation and once the full extent of the new restrictions were understood by the Conference News team.

Should the event have gone ahead on the original date of 1 July, the following restrictions would have applied as per government guidelines:

  • Only tables of six allowed
  • All delegates must remain at the table to network for the entirety of the event
  • Masks to be worn for the entirety of the event
  • Drinks and food can only be consumed sat down
  • No afterparty

Having made the announcement on the date change for the awards, Jack Newey, event director, CN Agency Awards, said: “Although the CN Agency Awards are seen primarily as a celebration of the sector, this event stands to represent so much more for our community.

“The awards are recognition of the remarkable achievements of the world’s leading event agencies that have fought against adversity for the last 12-15months. We want to reconnect with our beloved industry and collectively enjoy the success, without any restriction’.

To find out more on the event itself, or to buy tickets, please visit