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CN editor speaks on national radio station LBC about coronavirus

CN editor Martin Fullard featured on radio station LBC, where he was interviewed by Tom Swarbrick about the business impact of Covid-19.

In the interview, Fullard said: “Its been quite a bumpy few weeks - the conference and meetings industry, which operates below the obvious eyeline of public and government, has suffered greatly. When events get cancelled, the supply chain beneath it suffers.”

Fullard reiterated that postponing is always preferable to cancelling. He also underlined the value of the events industry, telling Swarbrick that it is worth £43bn and employs 570,000 people directly – as well as many more indirectly.

Fullard added: “When it comes to content-focused events, so conferences and meetings, training etc, there are technological solutions. There are creative people who can use technology to get that content out there.”

Listen to the interview below.