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Clarity launches meeting solution for post-Covid world

Clarity, a UK-based business travel management company, has launched a new meeting room solution to help companies safely transition back into the workplace.

A recent survey ran by Clarity revealed that two thirds of its clients believe that a dedicated management tool would encourage them to undertake in-office meetings. To meet this need, Clarity is launching Clarity Spaces.

Clarity Spaces aims to help companies make the best use of their internal space in addition to complying with legislation on social distancing by enabling bookers to select internal meeting rooms and desk space with assured social distancing and enhanced cleaning standards.

The search criteria for meeting spaces includes number of seats, availability of Wi-Fi or wired connections, mounted screens and more. If internal space is not available, the users are able to request external spaces via Clarity’s team of venue bookers.

Paul Casement, director of Clarity Meetings and Events, said: “The guidance around returning to the workplace is constantly evolving, but the one aspect that hasn’t is the need to ensure the safety of your employees. Companies need to effectively use the space they have both in the short term and the long term to reduce the expenditure on external space when internal space is available.

“Clarity Spaces allows them to safety return to the office environment, while ensuring strict safety and social distancing guidelines.”