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Owner of Absolute Corporate Events launches new company

Chris Parnham, owner of Absolute Corporate Events (ACE), has announced the launch of a new company, Absolute Digital Communications (ADC).

The new company aims to "create digital and virtual communication events in a new normal where live events are expected to be smaller" and deliver  “digital elegance, crafted with purpose”.

ADC will trade as a sister company to Absolute Corporate Events.

Chris Parnham, ADC Founder, said: “The global pandemic has already changed the way we communicate with each other, and even as we emerge from lock-down, communication habits and channels will remain altered in many ways. The predicted steady recovery of international travel will also slow the return of large international events. Ongoing challenges of social distancing and enhanced hygiene will make live event less intimate and with new barriers to networking and engagement.

"A new approach to communication events is needed, and Absolute Digital Communications is poised to meet this new demand. Many companies and agencies have been quick to switch live events to virtual, but without taking account of what has been lost. The most important element of a live event is being there, in person, to experience and absorb the messages and objectives first-hand. With this in-person experience removed, the event becomes virtual; by definition almost as good.”

ADC will aim to produce online events that feel "more than a virtual copy of the real thing", by producing events with what that company calls "REAL FEEL", which aims to "maximise the benefits of virtual, whilst maintaining and adapting the highs of a live in-person event".

The company also provides video production services, allowing online events to be viewed live or on-demand.

Jacquie Freer, ADC Sales Director, said: “Speaking to the corporate market we are seeing a need for more engaging content, studio production and the need for formatted speaker training options. As an industry we literally went virtual over-night – it is an exciting transformation and disruption and we need to show creativity and flexibility during these current challenges." 

Parnham will be joined on the board of directors by Jacquie Freer, ADC sales director, and James Jackson, ADC production director.