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Online platform reports 32.5% growth in venue enquiries

Online platform says it has recorded a 32.5% growth in enquiries for venues for live events. The results came during the week 5-12 July.

Managing director of, Michael Begley, said: “This is an encouraging sign of growing confidence among meeting and event bookers even though the industry still doesn’t have a date for reopening and events are likely to be operating under social distancing guidelines.

“Most revealing is that around a third were for Q4 this year, about two thirds for 2021 and nearly all are for the UK.

“We are still somewhat below our normal levels of 4,000 enquiries per week, but these are green shoots of recovery for meetings and events, and once we have a date from the government for all venues to reopen their conference rooms and exhibition halls, then I expect volumes to shoot up much further and faster.”