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What’s new at 10-11 Carlton House Terrace?

Since officially re-opening on 17th May, 10-11 Carlton House Terrace has seen guests and organisers take the restart of business events in their stride. As one of central London’s premier event venues they’ve experienced the incredible enthusiasm of the industry first-hand, whether it’s been for a conference, meeting, training session or more recently, virtual and hybrid events.

Whilst few would describe the last 16 months as ‘eventful’, extended quiet periods are a unique opportunity for venues and 10-11 recognised this early on. Ever since, they’ve been working hard to enhance their event offering and now the team are eager to welcome guests back to the venue, debuting exciting new features alongside a best-ever delegate experience.

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studio Hybrid Event Studio 

Virtual and hybrid events quickly became a staple last year. The industry now has more collective expertise on them than ever and the benefits of being able to attend an event  remotely are much better recognised. 

What does that mean?

That it’s likely, even as many of us get reaccustomed to face-to-face, the demand for remote events won’t be disappearing soon.
That’s why 10-11 Carlton House Terrace is proud to be able to offer a brand-new, professional hybrid events studio for clients.

Created in partnership with Oxygen Events, Carlton Virtual Studio is an exciting and sophisticated addition to the venue’s facilities.

Located in the Wolfson Room, it comes with a complete state-of-the-art AV set-up including studio lighting, dedicated staging, a vision system with two HD cameras, an audio system and more.
The hire price even includes a five-man crew of technicians to run it all so you don’t even have to think about it – an organisers dream!
Knowing that, you’ll be pressed to find a better backdrop for your virtual and hybrid events in central London. 


Team Development
Constantly developing and upgrading your venue offering can seem like a given, but affording your team the same opportunity can easily be overlooked in the busy world of events. Whilst 10-11 already worked hard to champion development of their staff, the downtime from the last year has allowed their team to cultivate a broader set of personal and professional skills.

Learning British Sign Language, team-wide training on equality, diversity and inclusion, becoming the first venue to commit to providing a mental health first aider at every event; the team at 10-11 Carlton House Terrace have prioritised qualifications that ensure they’re doing as much as possible for the comfort, accessibility and inclusion of everyone at events.




COVID Safety 
The biggest development naturally must be the introduction of carefully designed measures to ensure covid safety at events. For now, these remain in place as 10-11 continue to follow the latest advice from the UK government. That includes the need for one-way systems, rigorous cleaning schedules, social distancing policies and touch-free catering options. 

But in their mission to always go above and beyond, each solution has been developed to have minimum impact on the experience of delegates, visitors and guests – no matter the type or size of event. 

10-11 Carlton House Terrace is a ‘Good to Go’ accredited venue, holds the mia’s AIM Secure mark and the Safer Events Venue accreditation by HireSpace. Home of the British Academy, it’s a popular and historic location for conferences, meetings, AGMs, product launches as well as corporate parties and private dining.