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What are some cheap, effective, and legal guerrilla marketing strategies?

By Shed Simove, motivational speaker, author, product designer

Recently, I turned up at a huge conference for the Events Industry [International Confex] they’d booked me to deliver a speech on creativity, sales and marketing (appropriately enough!). I quickly realised that I needed a competitive edge to get people to attend my talk.

I tried a little trick that got surprising results…

I noticed that the Keynote Speaker area in the conference hall displayed a large sign showing a list of the upcoming sessions and speakers. Mine was scheduled to be at the end of the day, and audience numbers seemed to be dwindling as the day went on.

I needed some way to make my session stand out on the sign. So I asked the helpful Tech Team for a post-it note and scribbled ‘He will be quite good’ (I’m British, so I like to undersell!) with an arrow next to it, and stuck it on the sign.

With these little bits of semi-sticky paper, you can (non intrusively, and cheekily) hijack any sign (or photo) without damaging it. So, if anyone objected to my guerrilla post-it, they could easily remove it and no harm would be done. What I didn’t expect was that my post-it would yield amazing results…

After my speech was complete, quite a few people came up to me to say ‘hi’, or to kindly tell me that they enjoyed my talk, or to enquire about booking me for one of their upcoming events. One of the people who introduced himself was a top Executive from an amazing company that I’d love to work with, and he gave me his business card.

The next day, I messaged him to follow up, and unprompted, he wrote this in his reply:

“Awesome presentation and randomly attended by myself too. I saw the green post it note on the board and as an event organiser wondered what it said (why the session had been cancelled)...”

So, it turns out that without that post-it note on the board, the influential and exciting Executive would never have looked at my session title, and discovered that, far from being cancelled, the post-it displayed a cheeky encouragement for him to watch my session, which he then did.

I’m now in talks with him to present at some of his events and maybe to his Team too. How exciting is that!

So, maybe a post-it can get you noticed and create a little burst of marketing for you as well.

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