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What are the advantages of working with a proper Speaker Bureau?

By Mark Cowne, founder, Kruger Cowne

With everything now so accessible on electronic media people sometimes wonder why they should not track down their ideal professional speaker and book them direct. It is possible but not necessarily a great idea. Firstly, are you totally sure that you know who is the perfect match for you event? And secondly, negotiating fees, arranging riders, sorting out travel and dressing room riders and legally contracting can be a very time-consuming and daunting procedure. 

There are many advantages of working with a reputable speaker bureau as they can provide you good, solid advice and take over the whole process for you leaving you free to concentrate on the actual event.

A word of caution though . . . there are many people listing their services as 'speaker bureaus' on the internet and just lifting blogs and pictures from people such as ourselves and purporting to represent that talent. In many cases it is not true and if you use them they run around trying to find the real agent. This causes terrible communication issues and adds a lot to your price. Always ask if they do actually represent the person that you are interested in.

Expert advice

A proper Speaker Bureau (always good to check if they are IASB or EASB registered) employs highly qualified staff who work on a daily basis with the speakers that they represent. They are able to interpret your brief to find you (based on not only their years of industry experience but, in the case of Kruger Cowne, access to a vast polymetric database which analyse our speakers overall profile, abilities, markets, audiences, etc) your perfect match at the best possible price.

Transparent costs

There are no hidden costs in what we do. We work as an agent between you and our speaker. We derive a commission from the booking and which is included in the booking fee. Thus, there are no hidden or extra costs.

We have you covered

Kruger Cowne, and most professional bureaus, carry insurance in case of any booking issues. Should something unforeseen happen to the speaker that you have booked, we are able to provide a suitable replacement for you without the need for any additional costs. In the, hopefully, unlikely event that our speaker should fall off stage and break his leg at your event we have it covered.

With you all of the way

From the time of our first contact with you we are with you every step of the way up to and after your event. We help you find the perfect speaker. We negotiate and arrange all contracting. We arrange a pre-event call between you, us and the speaker to fine-tune your brief and cover any questions or concerns with of you may have. We work with you and arrange all the travel logistics. We maintain contact with you to ensure that we can accommodate any last-minute changes you may wish to make. We chaperone the speaker (if needed). We follow up with you after the event.

Event support

We have access to thousands of people in the events industry and can provide you with recommendations on professional services including venues, event organisers, pa systems, lighting, staging, catering and anything else you may need for you event. We do not charge any commissions on these recommendations so you get a totally unbiased suggestion.

We can assist you in marketing your event through our extensive social media channels and that of the speaker you have selected, should you wish.

Convenience and peace of mind

Professional bureaus take away your risks, stress and hassles leaving you free to concentrate on your event. 

Kruger Cowne have been working with incredible speakers across almost all areas of industry and topics for over 20 years. Every day we provide top speakers to events all over the world. We are a member of The Agents Association, The International Association of Speaker Bureaus (IASB) and The European Association of Speaker Bureaus.

We are with you throughout. Give Kruger Cowne a call - we love speaking!