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Traditional event packages: a thing of the past?

By Will Poole, events and compliance manager, Troxy

Having been a panellist at the inaugural events summit, Events Events, I came away with the feeling that change is afoot in the events industry. More specifically, inspired by the conversations I’d had on that day, it seems the nature of events packages provided by venues and organisers are becoming less useful. More and more, clients are seeking tailored and flexible approaches to craft the perfect event for their needs.

What seemed evident from the nature of conversations happening at the summit is that events are increasingly about creating engaging experiences not just hosting people. As the audience's attention span reduces, event creators need to be more innovative and keep audiences interested in the content and format of events. It is as a result of this that packages will not stand the test of time.

It is arguable that the life of events packages may still be suitable for smaller meeting day delegate rate events and the likes of Christmas parties. However, in these situations there are generally requirements to tailor the packages to the client needs. Even with these smaller package offerings adding elements is often commonplace, such as a canapé reception after the meeting.

This prompts consideration of whether proposing a package in the first place is an effective way of managing a positive relationship with the prospective client.  Instead, developing a tailor made proposal based on the client's brief gives the client a much clearer understanding of what costs are involved and may also allow for the kind of creativity that results in standout, memorable events. The process of planning an event also means that there are changes along the way, which can be more easily incorporated when a strict events package has not been proposed.

At Troxy, we make clear the terms of the inclusions within the venue hire cost but the client is then able to bolt on their drinks preferences and choose a caterer from our preferred list. These foundations combine to create a bespoke offering based on client needs.

Spending the day around other passionate events professionals reminded me of what a fantastic industry I am lucky enough to work in and I feel sure that this changing nature of events and event requirements will be met with enthusiasm and creativity by venues and organisers, who will in turn produce unique events that will not be forgotten.


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