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Tech ain’t the answer

Simon Clayton, chief ideas officer at RefTech, wonders if there are some problems that technology cant fix.

An industry survey has announced that a big percentage of people don’t like networking events and it has been suggested that perhaps technology could help people to interact and enjoy them.

I think that you are either a networker, or you are not. The inherently gregarious sales person may enjoy meeting new people and passing round their business cards but the more reserved person (like me), the ones highlighted in the survey, will never be enamoured by exchanging pleasantries with strangers and are unlikely to get anything tangible out of it. I cannot see how an app could help someone to change their personality and overcome the hurdles in their minds. 

An event app could contain a very limited form and a series of tick boxes that collect information and give you a profile, but no amount of ticking boxes can tell you that the guy you are meeting is an idiot and that you’ll want to get rid of him after 20 seconds. 

Our industry seems to assume that technology can solve every problem we are faced with - it can’t.