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The resource gap

The resource gap

Charli Briggs, founder, Eventure, questions the accepted narrative that there is a staffing problem in events.

Staffing does not need to be stressful and there is a whole host of talented resource waiting to engage with you and your audience. Consider staffing as part of your strategy, and why not engage with a staffing agency to determine what value they could bring and what pressure they could alleviate from you. Who knows, this added support network could open up even more opportunities.

It’s no surprise that with a global pandemic, redundancies, Brexit-related workforce departures and the lack of contracted bookings, companies are struggling to find quality resource when they need it. There is a shortage of talented resource readily available, or so we keep reading in articles. We need to be reactive to client requests and reassure clients that we can still deliver, but how when we already have so much on our plates? This, combined with a need for newer skills such as competence in virtual events, is making it more difficult than ever when this only really began coming to fruition in 2020.

Implementing a staffing strategy 

Thinking differently about staffing and having a staffing strategy in place as part of the event-planning process is key. It’s not just making sure you have the resource in place but if people test positive for Covid-19, do you have the means to replace them and quickly?

This is causing immense pressure and stress for many businesses as they strive to meet increasing client demand.

Personally, I don’t believe there is a shortage of resource, as even more people have now turned to self-employment to have a greater degree of flexibility and variation. There are many talented freelancers out there, and at Eventure we have a growing multi-skilled team of more than 750 individuals to brand-match to both live and virtual campaigns.

Working with a staffing agency can be beneficial, but finding the right one that works for you should not be a quick decision. You are handing over a level of trust that ultimately is going to be a reflection of your business and brand, so putting in the leg work to make sure they are a good fit is crucial. Delve into their values: do they align with yours and could they be a trusted extension of your team? Are you able to approve profiles pre-event and receive constructive feedback post-event; what added value can they bring to your company and your events?