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Ice to meet you

Amy Edsell from The Icebox runs down 10 artisan ice trends for the festive conference season.


If ice is just a means of chilling drinks to you, and you haven’t found the WOW factor you need for your Christmas bash, you are in for a treat.

These ten trends will make your party the hottest ticket in town, all created by pioneering trend-setters The Icebox.

  1. Logo cubes – Icebox’s latest brilliant creation. Your company’s logo engraved on a clear cube.
  2. Moon balls (pictured above) – the clear sphere originally introduced to the UK by Icebox, which melt very slowly keeping drinks perfectly chilled without diminishing the concentration. These are perfect for whisky/rum or any spirit needing a rock and add a touch of haute couture to your libation.
  3. Bespoke cubes – crystal clear and larger than regular ice cubes, for serving with whisky or other spirits. These melt slowly, preserving the authenticity of the drink and keeping it cooler for longer.
  4. Flower cubes – choose edible flowers to be perfectly frozen in clear ice. These are a wonderful addition to a Gin Bar or for giving mocktails and soft drinks a glamorous feel. Perfect for those avoiding alcohol while allowing them to enjoy a special drink so they don’t feel left out.
  5. Fruit cubes – choose fruit or fresh herbs to enhance your cocktails or make your water glasses more inspiring, perfect for encouraging people to stay hydrated and keeping hangovers at bay!i2
  6. Flavoured cubes – these are great for slowly releasing flavours into water, allowing a new experience every time a sip is taken. It’s a brand-new way to enjoy water!
  7. Bar blocks – these look amazing on bars, carefully using an ice pick to break up the ice brings theatre to the bar and an array of different shapes for everyone’s drinks.
  8. Cuboids – precision cut clear ice ‘sticks,’ they just look uber cool.
  9. Ice shards – carefully chipped from huge ice-blocks in an array of ad hoc shapes by skilled barmen, these look supremely stylish in both short and long drinks.
  10. Dry ice – this stuff is still cool, use it around the bar or an ice sculpture to create theatre or even in champagne buckets for added drama as guests arrive.

All these ideas can be created in a variety of ways and sizes to suit the event and size of the party, and are sure to make your event stand out for the right reasons.