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Greener business: how our industry can lead the way

Nowadays, we are all more than aware of the urgent need to take better care of the world we live in. This was evident in the wave of hospitality businesses choosing to ban plastic straws earlier this year, in a bid to reduce the estimated 8.5bn straws that are thrown away annually.

However, this ought to just be the start.

There is much more that can be done by our industry to reduce waste and minimise environmental impact and, at Venues of Excellence, environmental policy is a key area we look at when awarding membership and accreditation.

We see many innovative, green ideas and solutions across our 47 member venues, from ensuring sustainability and provenance on ingredients on the catering side, working with local charities to reduce food waste and identifying ways to reduce the venue’s carbon footprint by using greener energy sources and technologies.

One example which springs to mind in particular is CIM Moor Hall in Maidenhead – the home of the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

The venue, which houses over 30 meeting rooms, has introduced several impressive environmental initiatives to date.

The estimated 58,000 paper cups the venue used in 2017 have been reduced and replaced by ceramic mugs, water fountains and plastic cups have been replaced with glass-bottled water and glasses in all meeting rooms and, on the accommodation side, the venue has installed rainfall showers that mix air with water to give the same volume, but without using as much water.

Examples such as this show that by making simple changes, our industry can set a precedent for other sectors and for consumers, too, driving change for a greener future.