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Rachel Macaulay

Gratitude and reward so simple, so necessary

Rachel Macaulay, head of conference sales at Vue Conferences & Events, stresses the importance of awards and shows her gratitude for hard working staff who are working longer hours than pre-covid. 

The last 18 months have given us plenty of changes to working and living, not only with health and hygiene and respect for personal space, but the endless requirement to be on a video call throughout the day.

With the daily commute removed, the working day has been elongated, stretching from calls at 8am for 12 hours non-stop. Worryingly, this trend shows no signs of slowing down with many citing that they wouldn’t have time to commute as there’s simply no time left in the day.

Appreciation and gratitude

Business is reaping the rewards, but at what cost to staff health and sanity The pandemic has created many challenging scenarios but this one isn’t being discussed at all. Collectively, we need to keep a lid on this before it becomes the new normal to so many practices we'd never even considered 18 months back.

Therefore, appreciation and gratitude have become more important than ever. And it’s easy to forget about this as the office community barely exists with everyone still largely working from home.

The virtual working landscape isn’t an excuse for unsung heroes under the radar, nor is the threat of events being cancelled. Acknowledgement and recognition means much more than it did before and with all the adjusting the industry has had to do, there is no reason an awards ceremony can’t take place, whatever the Government or Covid-19 throws at us.

While many venues can now stage hybrid events, some could pose a challenge to stage an awards event if we were to be restricted again. To be fully bulletproof and be able to carry on no matter what happens, businesses need to be able to rely on a venue and equipment that can stream anywhere and to multiple venues and that needs satellite capability.

Consider this: if guests can’t make it for whatever reason, a cinema complex group could deliver a range of scenarios. Guests can be streamed to via satellite to another cinema, office, even their own home. The awards format can be easily re-invented, guests can still dress up, cocktails and canape boxes can be sent, awards can even be sent and opened at the appropriate time.

Of course, a full red carpet, Oscar style gala in the flesh is the ultimate experience brimming with glitz and glamour. Beautifully lit canape or bowl receptions in stylish contemporary interiors with big screen rooms and the best sound and vision all work to create an incredible experience allowing people to feel appreciated and indulged.

That’s the something that has been missing in all of this madness, something that’s essential for staff morale.

I’ll leave you with this, since Freedom Day in July we are all recognising the value of seeing people in the flesh and feeling the power of face-to-face relationships.

These aspects need to be kept alive and people recognised for their duty and service no matter what is thrown at us next. It will surely pay dividends in the long run.