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Lough Erne Resort

Food for thought

By Noel McMeel, executive chef, Lough Erne Resort, ignites the debate on whether its time we added some colour to conference table.

Colours, tastes and textures can play as huge a role as flavour when it comes to food; and never is this more apparent than when at a conference or meeting where the dreaded 3pm slump is threatening to diminish engagement and input.

Fresh vegetables and fruits are not only superfoods for the body but for the mind too – with the vibrant colours often triggering reactions in our pulse rates and blood pressure levels. Colours evoke positive emotions and a surge in brain power, which is just what the boss ordered when it comes to getting the most out of employees or those attending meetings and conferences.

Red fruits and vegetables such as tomatoes, cherries, strawberries inspire action; creating an environment ripe for results and outcomes whereas the yellow/orange hues from pineapple and sweet potatoes bring feelings of optimism to the event.

Purple foods were 2017’s biggest foodie trend for a reason and introducing flavours like sweet blackcurrant compotes to natural yoghurt pots is a sure fire way to fuel midmorning brainstorms as opposed to pastries which would have the opposite effect on attendees’ attention spans.

Oily fish such as salmon and mackerel are increasingly trumping the bacon buttie because event organisers are recognising that, while few can resist a bacon buttie, the fatigue levels dense carbohydrates yield have a less than positive effect on the levels of interactive and attention compared to the boost to brain power offered by the Omega3s.

Of course, this sea change is more of an evolution than revolution- the mini croissant isn’t flaking out on the conference scene just yet but instead is more often than not complemented by a selection of fruit kebabs, granola pots and health boosting juices and smoothies.

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