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Events broaden the mind

By Julian Agostini, MD, Mash Media

There is a curious fascination when meeting someone with whom you share a name. It has only happened to me once, in Venice. However, I’ve been in the presence of others who have met their namesake.

It is akin to having a shared history or deep personal connection; like having the same birthday or being from the same remote village on the other side of the world.

You suddenly feel compelled to engage and to learn about each other; aligned and content to help each other. 

Imagine if there was an event for people with your name, maybe one taking place at ExCeL London once a year. You would have to go, wouldn’t you?

On a very basic level, that is how the marketing for many B2B events – mainly conferences and exhibitions – work, isn’t it? Dentists go to the dentistry show, photographers to the Photography Show, PAs go to the PA Show, and anyone in the events industry comes to International Confex and the Event Production Show. Or at least they should, shouldn’t they?

Yet, there are over one million people involved in events as part of their jobs in the UK, so why don’t they all attend a trade event designed specifically for them?

Perhaps the staff are not encouraged to go, but that seems deeply hypocritical if an MD of an events company does not believe that an event is a great learning and progressive environment for their staff.

Maybe people do not think they will get value for time invested, but you can only be better at your job by dedicating time to observing what is new and trending in a relevant sector.

Recently, a reasonably famous England player was being discussed for his reticence to train, and a pundit succinctly cut him down, saying: “Well let’s put it this way: the only guaranteed thing you won’t be is worse, if you go training.”

The same applies for your industry show and if you work out the inference, then I’ll see all the proactive progressives next week.

Virtually all leaders in our industry were and still devout event-goers themselves….it is not a fluke.

It is an attitude which breeds success, so if you want to rub shoulders with other like-minded future leaders, make sure you go to your industry event, whatever you job.