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Events are also good for your wellbeing

Sarah Mayo, co-founder of POINT3 Wellbeing, discusses why events are good for wellbeing.

Last week we supported Crescendo Tailored Events with one of their most high-profile events to date.

You can’t pick up a magazine at the moment and not notice how many features there are covering mental health and the stresses of the events industry, and rightly so. Being an event professional is a high-pressured role that needs to be managed effectively to make it sustainable. But it is also a highly rewarding role and that needs to be highlighted too.

As with everything in life, it comes down to balance. The benefits of a career in events need as much recognition if the industry is to thrive, and not just survive, as is the need to focus on its people’s mental health and overall wellbeing.

But back to the event in question. It was a success due to the leadership demonstrated by Julia Phillips, the MD of Crescendo. She empowered her team in the different areas of the event so that everything ran fluidly and like clockwork.

Now of course we know it’s impossible for things to run exactly as they were planned in events, but the key to successful event management is down to managing on the spot changes and being able to adapt to things that happen out of our control.

We work regularly with Crescendo both supporting their internal team with wellbeing training aimed at helping them to ‘stress less and smile more’ and on their client events through wellbeing experiences. The brief initially was to support Crescendo’s client event by providing morning fitness sessions such as a run club, spinning and yoga on all the mornings of the meeting.

Then we provided a wellbeing session for the events team, to help them to be a bit more mindful during the course of the event. And this brief soon extended to us also supporting in other areas of the event.

During the event I felt those endorphins that you get when your event flows, the joy you get when you see it all come together and the laughs.

When we talk about wellbeing, yes, the fundamentals such as sleep and good nutrition and movement and mindfulness are so important to building your resilience, but also there are other aspects that influence your wellbeing. For example, your satisfaction at work and the sense of being a part of a tribe.

So, while wellbeing might be more associated with the runners high and the endorphins that come from that, let’s also give a shout out to the events high, and recognise just how powerful events can be for our wellbeing too.