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Confessions of an idiot Brexiteer

By Simon Maier, events agency specialist

I voted for Brexit. When I ticked the ‘Leave’ box, I believed my vote would be a warning that Eurocrats’ power had extended too far. They were over-meddling in the business of my sovereign nation. Safe in the knowledge acquired from polls and media that Vote Leave would lose, I believed that a close result would go some way to putting the EU on notice that it needed to shape up. To me, Jean-Claude Junker and the EU were akin to Sepp Blatter and FIFA, a corrupt machine which served only to glorify and enrich its boardroom.

The results were declared - and I was wrong.

As the son of an immigrant, I was reminded of the reasons why the EU was formed - a sense of unity, strength in numbers, freedom of movement, opportunities and the spirit of sharing. I heard the torrents of racial abuse combined with spiteful glory that muddied my social media pages.

Union flags that were so readily associated with Vote Leave had become the banners of hooligans. Votes had been garnered via  misleading information: billions for the NHS, safety for British jobs, increased trade, bringing power back to our country, easier models for the events’ industry. Many promises, many voices.

My vote - and that of others in the industry - was intended as a warning to the heads of the Union’s establishment, not to completely extricate myself from the very idea of it. After all, I was delighted to see Sepp Blatter brought to some justice, but I still want to see England play football.

With Theresa May’s failure to secure the vote on The EU Withdrawal Bill, the possibility of a second referendum - or at least a vote on whether to adopt her government’s Brexit strategy - is possible, if not probable. Next time, this idiot will vote with his heart and not his head.