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Calling time

In the fifth of a series of articles, David Preston CEO of Realise discusses how our lifestyles have changed during Covid-19.

Whilst some things may have changed as a result of the pandemic, one thing hasn’t, the love of a tipple amongst Brits. However, researchers at the University of Portsmouth fear increased alcohol consumption during lockdown may result a ‘second health crisis’.

Of course, the challenges of confinement affect individuals and families in very different ways. The survey findings are supported by research from Alcohol Change UK who found almost 20% of daily drinkers had increased their alcohol consumption. On a positive note, one in three of the 2,000 people surveyed said they were taking steps to manage or stop drinking.

Professor Sir Ian Gilmore, chair of the Alcohol Health Alliance UK, said: “Cutting down on alcohol will not only improve our own health but it will help to protect the NHS long term, and so it is important that these healthy trends continue.”

Boredom and frustration may be two drivers behind the figures, but there is plenty of help at hand. Companies can help their support, whether furloughed or home-working, by encouraging them to review and challenge unhealthy habits.

Our website offers advice and guidance. This ranges from a list of suppliers of free certified training courses, allowing people to up-skill in their downtime, through to a points-based system supported by employers that allows staff to mix and match their own incentives.

Our partnership with Juno utilises an individualised points-based system which allows employees to take full control of their own well-being, supported by a plethora of top-named brands.

Consider replacing a bottle of wine with a home-cooked meal, with all the ingredients delivered to your door. Or perhaps consider taking up an exercise class instead of opening another beer.

Covid 19 is creating huge pressures across the globe, and it will take us all a while to recover. But a healthier lifestyle and a less stressed workforce is something we can all raise a glass to.