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jennifer davidson

Book of spells

Jennifer Davidson, founder & MD of Sleek Events, credits her little black book for a huge part of the agency’s success. So, what does it take to build up such a reliable group of suppliers and freelancers?

It’s been a whirlwind of growth since we launched in 2015 and, when we had a tiny team of two (or is that just an event couple?), my little black book of trusted freelancers and never-say-die suppliers helped us deliver some truly sensational events for clients who are still with us today. People who you can trust and call an extension of your team are essential whether you have a new or established agency or if you’re an
in-house events team – collaboration is the key.

I sometimes wonder if it’s the size or culture of our boutique agency that attracts the best collaborators in the industry. I’ve yet to hear one of my team say, “that’s not my job” or “that’s my job, not yours”. Of course, they wouldn’t make it in to my little black book if they did! 

Those with a collaborative spirit get rewarded and referred. We had one instance - the stuff of nightmares – when we were so behind with dressing a room for a Halloween party after the previous party had failed to vacate, our AV supplier pulled all of his crew in to help us finish in 10 minutes flat when they could have been off home for their dinner.

So, I wonder when small agencies are overlooked for larger bids, maybe it’s worth collaborating to pool our strengths against the big players? We all know that, in the end, we’ll all be focused on what really matters: making the client’s event come to life.