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The benefits of smaller event spaces at Christmas

Masha Boh, senior business development manager at The Brewery, on the benefits of smaller venues


Summer is almost over, and as we head into autumn, everyone in the office starts to look ahead to the next big celebration, thinking; “what’s happening about the Christmas party?”. Cue the party planner’s panic.

If you’re super organised you may have booked your venue already, especially if you’re set to host hundreds of guests. However, if you are looking to host more intimate festivities for a select group of colleagues or clients then fear not, you still have more options at your fingertips than you think. Don’t go reserving a table in the corner of your local just yet!

Here at The Brewery, our larger themed Christmas packages are hugely popular (this year we can’t wait to welcome guests to The Goodnight Cabaret). But we also look forward to creating festive experiences for smaller groups of partygoers in other areas of The Brewery such as the Sugar Rooms or the Smeaton Vaults, as well as in our newest venue The Grubstreet Author.

When thinking of a typical Christmas celebration, people’s minds immediately jump to busy dancefloors, but a Christmas party with a select guestlist and a more intimate atmosphere also has many benefits…


Add that personal touch

With a limited guestlist, you will have more opportunity to add elements of personalisation to your event. Whether that’s with carefully compiled goodie bags, a specifically designed cocktail list of everyone’s favourite drinks or a photo wall celebrating the year you’ve had, the possibilities are endless!


Get creative with the wining and dining

If there are fewer mouths to feed, why not get a little more creative with the menus? Our in-house catering team always enjoys coming up with bespoke Christmas menus and our Bar Manager, Will, is always on hand to advise on wines and spirits that will complement your food. For example, we have previously served up winter spiced pear cocktails.


Conjure up a sense of exclusivity

Having one of our smaller spaces all to yourself will make your occasion feel all the more special, especially at The Grubstreet Author. Our latest venue was designed to reflect the high quality interiors of London’s members’ clubs. Holding your Christmas party or drinks reception in a space like this will create a memorable occasion for the people you work with.


Less guests, more mingling

Smaller festivities will result in much more mingling, bolstering those all-important working relationships! So, make sure there are plenty of conversation starters around. Place quizzes and games on the tables, have some unusual appetisers on offer or organise some live music for your guests.

We all enjoy those bigger and busier Christmas parties, but sometimes less is more when celebrating the festive season! To find out more about The Brewery’s Christmas options visit here.