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The changing face of award ceremonies

By Jodie Guilford, event sales manager at London’s Science Museum The face of corporate award ceremonies has changed a lot in the modern climate, to meet the needs of the evolving workforce, as well as new technologies and trends. Many companies are choosing to move away from the formal gala dinner format of the past, and are opting for an event which is much more modern and less rigid in structure. We are noticing a new trend at The Science Museum for auditorium bookings, to allow key speakers to deliver awards presentations and speeches.

If you don't ask...

by Richard John, trainer and consultant Chutzpah, I think, is the Jewish word for ‘cheek’. And Emma Cartmell, the young MD of the CHS Group has it in spades. Richard,” she said, fluttering her eyes. “Would you fancy being the chief judge at the inaugural CHS Awards? It’s even more fame and fortune for you.” Of course, I blushed modestly and accepted, asking why she’d chosen me. I think she hinted at my striding like a colossus across the canvas of the events industry, although there was also some talk about not having a real job and doing anything for a free meal.