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The Big Interview: Shaun Hinds

Manchester Central’s CEO Shaun Hinds speaks to CN about his vision for the venue 12 months into his role and how he is going about building a legacy 

How did you come into the events industry? 

One of my first roles working in aviation was connected quite closely to the events industry. Although over 30 years ago and only a small part of what I was doing, something stuck with me and I’ve been an enthusiast of the industry ever since. 

A Day in the Life: Center Parc's Dan Elliott

The national sales manager at Center Parcs jogs through a typical day deep in the forest

My alarm goes off at 6.45am, although it can be earlier if I’m heading over to Longleat Forest in Wiltshire to give our clients a tour.

A cup of coffee to get me ready for the day, then a quick skim through my emails, then making a few mental notes of what I need to talk about, and with whom, the minute I get in the car.