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Be part of the best of times

Simon Maier says seize the Confex opportunity to see how people do things better

Confex time is an opportunity for positive industry reflection. It wasn’t always so for trade shows. 

There were the worst of times when content was wobbly, when industry events brought out the ‘must we go?’ reaction, when agencies sent inexperienced staff as a ‘treat’, when some shows seemed to be bored with themselves and others where there were few opportunities to engage with any issues of the day. 

There was the worst of times in a city far away when all taxis (all) went from the vast venue to the city’s airport, no matter where you wanted to go; and the time when at another trade show in another city in another year, all (all) the sprinklers went off on day one. 

More recently though, and with every scrap of negativity put firmly to one side, there has been a huge and refreshing sea change in attitude towards global event industry trade shows, particularly in the UK and even more particularly at Confex, from organisers, contributors, managers, sponsors, suppliers, attendees, the industry itself and sprinkler manufacturers. 

There is more belief, more optimism, more wisdom and less selfishness. The growing up has much to do with better globalisation, better management, much, much better content, better exhibits, better analysis, better workshops, better led presentations, better thought-through topics and discussion panels better facilitated with better people on them. 

Face-to-face networking is hugely important and works better. New learning is fascinating, on the money and better. Audience (that’s us) engagement is better, as is industry development and its global offer. 

Confex is an opportunity to see how other people do things better. Renewed energy is what we all want – that’s a better investment in us. It’s an opportunity to inspire and be inspired. It’s an opportunity to share wisdom and beliefs - and be part of the best of times.